Update. Health Problems bad.


Hello everyone!  I need to explain myself today.  Since the Christmas holiday I have been experiencing constant chronic pain, chronic migraines and chronic fatigue.  It has become so bad I spend most of my days in bed.  So everything is neglected, including my blog.

I honestly thought this was going to be my year blogging.  I spent all of November writing out a whole year of blogging posts.  What I was going to write when.  Unfortunately, as you can probably guess, I am way far behind!  I really apologize for it. Currently, I am typing this with heavy wrist guards on due to horrible pain in my wrists.  They help a decent amount.

I have had to switch doctors to try and find one willing to help me. I have also gotten appointments with a neurologist and a rheumatologist upcoming.  Hopefully, this will be good news.

I hope you will all bear with me as I try to catch up and get better.  Thanks for reading!


Quote of the Week



Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them. -unknown

Quote of the week


A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman.  But the search to find that voice  can be remarkably difficult.-Melinda Gates

National Sci Fi Day

It’s time to celebrate!  It’s National Science Fiction Day. I admit I am a huge Science Fiction Fan.  I have been since I was a little girl.  Much to the disappointment of my mother.  She wanted me to be a princess.  I wanted to be a princess too, but a princess with a lightsaber.

Star Wars was a major influence in my life.  I saw the first installment when I was five years old.  To this day I remember my reaction to the film.  It was total awe. It was unlike anything I’d ever seen.  It was then I began my collection as a child of everything Star Wars.  Most of which, unfortunately, my parents tossed away.

I bought books, action figures whenever I got any money, even records. I love getting lost in a world of imagination.  As I grew older, my love of Science Fiction expanded.  Yes, I saw Star Trek, Stargate, Earth:Final Conflict and others.  I also loved to read.  I have enjoyed “A Canticle for Lebowitz, The Escape Shaft,  and The Earth Abides.” I even read what is considered the first Science Fiction book written by the founder of Life magazine.

I loved to read about the possibilities that Science Fiction presents.  Good Sci Fi, really good I mean, by use of intelligence and solid science. It is an escape from real life.  A complete escape that other types of fiction cannot offer.

Science Fiction also has the ability to cross over into other genres like Fantasy, Romance, Mystery, and Children’s Literature.  It allows us to travel and completely by engulfed in a world we have created in our own minds.  Anything else has to take place on our Terrestrial planet.  How boring!

I know many people think Science Fiction is a joke.  They laugh at Trekkies/Trekkers and anyone else who dresses up in a costume.  I would submit that you give lovers of the genre some slack.  These are people who like to use their imagination, have fun and look forward to a future where everyone is valued for who they are and what they can do.

So enjoy today, National Science Fiction Day!  Celebrate by enjoying a book or movie.  I will!  Be sure to list your favorite Sci Fi books and movies in the comment section!

It’s National Hobby Month!

Yes, January is National Hobby Month.  There are so many hobbies you can enjoy out there. In this month I will tell you about a few of the hobbies I enjoy.  What are your favorite hobbies?  Are there any hobbies you want to do but haven’t tried yet? This is the month!  It is better to have a fun New Year’s Resolution than a painful one!



Quote of the week

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent.  It is the one that is most adaptable to change. -Charles Darwin

Goals. I haven’t gone completely off them!

For those of you who have read my blog before you know I used to post monthly goals.  I would also post a follow up on what I had done and what was left by the wayside.  In the past year I have gotten way off track with this model.

Some people have told me to try bullet journaling.  To be honest bullet journaling is cute.  I love to journal.  I don’t think that bullet points are the way for me.  To be honest, it seems like a glorified to do list.  Just made harder by stupid symbols.

Some goals like my weight I was so close to achieving before illness and pain helped me gain it all back and then some.  I felt awful. I completely gave up on it.  I hope in the new year to get back to working on my  health.   Right now with all the holidays and school items I feel overwhelmed.  Add to this and my doctors appointments and my son’s it’s too much.

So for the next few months I have decided to just have a to do list.  I am trying establish day to day items.  Some of my daily list excludes: cleaning, errands, appointments, internet, social media, laundry, and scheduling me time for things like brushing teeth and taking a shower etc.  Some days I felt just like skipping it.  But I am just one of those people who never say die!  I also have things like photocopying my cookbooks, mending, painting some items, etc.  Some days I get things done, some days no. I hope to get a hang of everything and go back to goal setting in the new year.

What are your methods of getting things done?

Quote of the week

A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on.-JFK

10 Things you need to clean!

My ten things you need to clean posts are popular.  We are know that we have to mop the floor and scrub the toilet.  However, some places get overlooked.  Here is a small list to help you get your household spotless.

  1. Soap Dispenser.  Mine gets cover in grime or solidified liquid soap.
  2. Dog Bowls.  Run them in the dishwasher once a week if you can.
  3. Cutting Boards.  If they are wood don’t forget to treat them too!
  4. Your phones.  Use electronic wipes if you can.
  5. I-pads and computer keyboards.  Do everyone’s!  They all get sticky anyway!
  6. Remote controls. Germ central!
  7. Replace sponges and dish washing items.  Do a sniff test if you don’t know.
  8. Inside your light fixtures.
  9. The top of your refrigerator.
  10. The bottom of your closets and pantry.  Stuff always falls to the bottom.

I admit this list isn’t glamorous, but cleaning these things does give you a sense of satisfaction! Enjoy!


Quote of the week

Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from medicore minds. -Einstein