Springtime Fruits and Veggies


Ever wonder what vegetables are available in what season? Here is a list of Spring in season fruit and veg so you can look for them at your local farmers market.


Great chore ideas for ages 15+

Okay, okay. Your kids are getting older. Maybe they are old enough to drive or hold a job. Teenagers live very busy lives. There are still chores to be done. Here is a list of chores for your fifteen year old and beyond.

1. Learn to iron.
2. Start learning to mend. Time to sew a button and tack up a hem!
3. Get themselves and their younger siblings up.
4. Babysit.
5. Change light bulbs that require a ladder.
6. Learn to use electric hedge trimmer.
7. Clean out the whole garage.
8. Go grocery shopping.
9. Teach siblings easier chores.
10. Cook a complete meal.

If you children can do all of these you have a complete adult! Well, okay, maybe not an adult, but they can at least take care of themselves!

Chores 4 Kids, ages 11-14

Looking for chores for your 11+ child? Here is a great list to get you started. The main goal with chores for this age group is to start getting them ready to go out on their own. Remember, use your best judgement when assigning chores. You know your child. Also it is best to remember this is as much a learning experience as it is work. Give gentle reminders and criticisms, no one does a job perfect the first time around. Have fun and remember you are shaping your child to be self sufficient.

1. Make simple meals. Can they make cookies, sandwiches, muffins, eggs, or oatmeal.

2.Take garbage and recycling to the curb.

3. Laundry. Remember to separate!

4. Mop floors. Use a Swiffer wet jet. My son loves to use ours. I let me son mop each week then I do a major deep mop with a regular mop once a month.

5. Clean the bathrooms.

6. Shovel snow/rake leaves.

7. Clean out fridge or pantry. This is a great opportunity to learn what goes where and why you refrigerate. Also make sure to cover expiration dates.

8. Mow lawn (for the older kids, use your judgement.)

9. Wash car.

10. Sweep out garage.

11. Change light bulbs on floor lamps and desk lamps.

12. Use manual hedge trimmer.

13. Paint. Leave edging out and just have them paint walls or furniture.

14. Help create the grocery list and keep track of coupons. You can turn this into a game. If you save money on coupons tell your child they get to keep the savings! It encourages them to help meal plan and be financially savvy.

Quote of the Week


Saying someone can’t be sad because someone else may have it worse is just like saying someone can’t be happy because someone else might have it better. -unknown

Quote of the Week


Don’t let someone who had done nothing tell you how to do anything.-Unknown


Chores 4 Kids ages 6-10

Last week I listed chores for kids 2-5.  This week we have a listing for their older siblings ages 6-10.  You know your child and your families work schedule.  You can decide what to add to this list or subtract.  For my child, it (the chores) change per week.  It depends a lot on what is going on in school, and his after school activities.  I also take into account how my child is feeling when assigning chores.  Are they tired?  Ill?  Stressed?  My goal is to raise a well rounded person, but also allow them to act their age.


Here is a list of 10 chores for you to try with your child.

  1. Empty Dishwasher.  I always start my child out with the silverware and work up to the glassware.  They can also help your dry some of the hand wash items.
  2. Sweep floor. My son is not a huge fan of sweeping.  He prefers moping more.  So I compromise and give him a Swiffer mop that he can use.
  3. Vacuum. There are various things a child at this age can vacuum. We have a small handheld vacuum that he uses to vacuum the stairs by himself.  He is learning to use the upright cleaner too.  I still have to go over things, but he is able to make a dent.  He has also used our Shop Vac to help clean inside cars under our supervision.
  4. Make Bed. We give our son a lot of leeway.  His bed making is more of a blanket pile.  My rule is as long as it is on the bed it’s close enough.  Once a week I help him make his bed to my standards to help teach him.  He’s slowly getting it.
  5. Get Mail. On the way back from the bus stop he grabs the mail from the box.
  6. Rake.  This is a great family project.  It also helps in the sweeping department.
  7. Help Cook. Kids at this age can wash off produce, help pour and mix ingredients.
  8. Garbage. My son is starting to take out the smaller trash bags in bedrooms and replace them.  He will work up to the larger and smellier kitchen bags.
  9. Clean bath.  Wipe down the counters with a wet rag and put toiletries away.
  10. Laundry help. Moving things from washer to dryer and add the dryer sheet. They can also help fold hand towels and wash cloths.

I hope this list helps and inspires you to put your child on the road to independence.

Quote of the Week


I promise

If you keep


for everything


in this world

you will


become it.

-Tyler Kent White

Chores for Kids, ages 2-5

Chores are some of the hardest things to teach your kids.  I don’t know about you, but I’m running around so much that it is easier to clean it myself than to have my child do it.  I always have to make sure to have my kid do his chores. Where do you start?  What chores should you teach them?  Here is a list of ten chores to start your little one on.

1.Pick up toys. Clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere!  Learning to put their toys away is the hardest thing to do.  Start them off young.

2. Dust. A great chores that they can do everyday.  I give my son a swiffer duster and he goes to town.

3.Putting dirty clothes in the hamper.


4. Wipeing off the counters with a wet rag.

5.Setting the table.  Just remember it doesn’t have to be perfect.  Getting the forks near the plate is a major accomplishment for a child.

6.Match socks.  A great learning activity!

7. Feeding your pets.  Learning to put water in their dish and food in the bowl is a big deal for a young child.  To take care of something  or someone they love is a huge deal for small children.

What other chores do you have your child under five do? Let me know in the comments.




10 Winter Experiences to Try


Winter is already half way through.  Are you enjoying this cold spell?  Or are you the type that wants to pull the covers over your head and hold out for Spring?

To enjoy the winter months, here are some ideas to try.

  1.  Visit a museum.  For many museums the winter months are their busiest season.  Check local museums for new and traveling exhibits.
  2. Try snowshoeing.  Check out your local park department.  Many offer classes in such winter sports as snowshoeing.Have a Bonfire.  Invite friends over for gourmet smores and a hot toddy!
  3. Build a fort out of blankets.  Great ideas when school gets cancelled.
  4. Build a snowman. Old fashioned?  Sure. These days you can get kits to make your snowmen unique.  Don’t want a normal snowman?  Make yours look like Sherlock Holmes.
  5. Go sledding.  Don’t let kids have all the fun! Get a sled and get out there.  It’s fun and great exercise!
  6. Stay in a cabin. Rent a cabin for a few days.  You can sit in your pajamas and play board games all day!
  7. Go for a nature walk.  Winter is a great time to spot animals.  Look for tracks or food sources to find local critters.
  8. Movie night.  Do a movie marathon.  I recommend picking a topic for your marathon.  Say movies of the 1950’s or Humphrey Bogart’s greatest films.  Pop some popcorn and have a great night!
  9. Go on a winter photo shoot.  Grab your camera and have some fun. Take family photos for next year’s Christmas card. Take some nature photos or photos of your pet.  Have some fun outdoors.
  10. Evening walk.  Take a walk outside when the snow is slightly falling.  Nighttime can be romantic!

Enjoy the rest of Winter!  What are some ways you enjoy the coldest season of the year?

Update. Health Problems bad.


Hello everyone!  I need to explain myself today.  Since the Christmas holiday I have been experiencing constant chronic pain, chronic migraines and chronic fatigue.  It has become so bad I spend most of my days in bed.  So everything is neglected, including my blog.

I honestly thought this was going to be my year blogging.  I spent all of November writing out a whole year of blogging posts.  What I was going to write when.  Unfortunately, as you can probably guess, I am way far behind!  I really apologize for it. Currently, I am typing this with heavy wrist guards on due to horrible pain in my wrists.  They help a decent amount.

I have had to switch doctors to try and find one willing to help me. I have also gotten appointments with a neurologist and a rheumatologist upcoming.  Hopefully, this will be good news.

I hope you will all bear with me as I try to catch up and get better.  Thanks for reading!