Quote of the week

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent.  It is the one that is most adaptable to change. -Charles Darwin

Goals. I haven’t gone completely off them!

For those of you who have read my blog before you know I used to post monthly goals.  I would also post a follow up on what I had done and what was left by the wayside.  In the past year I have gotten way off track with this model.

Some people have told me to try bullet journaling.  To be honest bullet journaling is cute.  I love to journal.  I don’t think that bullet points are the way for me.  To be honest, it seems like a glorified to do list.  Just made harder by stupid symbols.

Some goals like my weight I was so close to achieving before illness and pain helped me gain it all back and then some.  I felt awful. I completely gave up on it.  I hope in the new year to get back to working on my  health.   Right now with all the holidays and school items I feel overwhelmed.  Add to this and my doctors appointments and my son’s it’s too much.

So for the next few months I have decided to just have a to do list.  I am trying establish day to day items.  Some of my daily list excludes: cleaning, errands, appointments, internet, social media, laundry, and scheduling me time for things like brushing teeth and taking a shower etc.  Some days I felt just like skipping it.  But I am just one of those people who never say die!  I also have things like photocopying my cookbooks, mending, painting some items, etc.  Some days I get things done, some days no. I hope to get a hang of everything and go back to goal setting in the new year.

What are your methods of getting things done?

Quote of the week

A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on.-JFK

10 Things you need to clean!

My ten things you need to clean posts are popular.  We are know that we have to mop the floor and scrub the toilet.  However, some places get overlooked.  Here is a small list to help you get your household spotless.

  1. Soap Dispenser.  Mine gets cover in grime or solidified liquid soap.
  2. Dog Bowls.  Run them in the dishwasher once a week if you can.
  3. Cutting Boards.  If they are wood don’t forget to treat them too!
  4. Your phones.  Use electronic wipes if you can.
  5. I-pads and computer keyboards.  Do everyone’s!  They all get sticky anyway!
  6. Remote controls. Germ central!
  7. Replace sponges and dish washing items.  Do a sniff test if you don’t know.
  8. Inside your light fixtures.
  9. The top of your refrigerator.
  10. The bottom of your closets and pantry.  Stuff always falls to the bottom.

I admit this list isn’t glamorous, but cleaning these things does give you a sense of satisfaction! Enjoy!


Quote of the week

Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from medicore minds. -Einstein

What is Rolfing?


A few months ago I started Rolfing.  What is Rolfing you ask?  Rolfing was created by Dr. Ida Rolf as a way of manipulating soft tissue to release pain and a host of other body problems.  A Rolfer used 10 appointments to complete a round of body manipulation. The Rolfer works on connective issue in the body to relax it and take the strain off your system.

It can be painful.  However, your Rolfer can adjust if it is too much for you.  The purpose of these moves is to improve the body’s alignment.  This differs from a massage which tries to relax muscles.

As many of you know, I suffer from cronic pain.  I get a lot of massages which can be painful to try to alleviate my overall suffering.  I also use chiropractic care and acupuncture.  I decided to try Rolfing as the massages were not doing enough.  I felt like they were a stop gap measure and not addressing the underlying issues.  So I gave Rolfing a try.  What did I have to loose?

I found a certified Rolfer.  To be certified they must take classes at the Rolfing Institutes headquarters in Colorado. Their website is: http://www.Rolf.org ,please check them out for more accurate and detailed information.

For my Rolfing sessions I stay clothed.  I choose to wear workout shorts and  a bra top so the Rolfer has better access to my body.  I have noticed a difference after my rolfing sessions.  I have better energy and stand a little straighter.  It lasts for several days and then goes back.  I have not completed my 10 appointment cycle yet, but I look forward to it.  What are your experiences with Rolfing?



Quote of the Week


To make a woman happy, give her three things: attention, affection, appreciation -unknown

Woman’s Best Friend Pt.2

20160116b 089.JPG

Boo has really adjusted to her new home.  She loves everyone and is a very active part of the family.  My husband jokes I found the one dog who acts like a cat.  She loves to sit on my lap. She is not tiny!

Australian Shepherds love to follow one person around always.  They imprint on one person.  In our household, that one person is me. Boo follows me everywhere.  If she cannot get to me, she will wait by the door until she can.  It gets a little creepy when you are in the shower!

She greets me each morning and snuggled up for her morning cuddle.  She then reminds me no one has fed her.  She also loves to accompany me to the school bus stop.  All the kids know her and greet her.  If one kids is running late for the bus, she barks at them to keep up.  They are her flock.  If I don’t take her to the stop, she will watch them from our window. When the kids leave on the bus, she gets down. She doesn’t wait till the adults go back to their houses.  She doesn’t care about us!  It’s about the kids.

Boo loves to go on walks and go run at the dog park.  Sometimes she goes to doggie day care for social stimulation too.  At first she used to be afraid of the dog park.  She would never walk far from us.  She would take two steps and look back at us.  It’s almost to say, “Please don’t leave me here.”  Thankfully, she is much more comfortable.  Now she takes off to explore and play.


Boo also used to be terrified to car rides. At first we thought it was nerves about going to the dog park.  However as the months progressed we took a six-hour car ride for a break.  One hour went by and she became increasingly agitated.  Then she jumped into my lap in the front seat and shook with fear.  Thankfully, I was not driving!  She has now learned to love long car rides.  I often wonder if she associates care rides with being abandoned.  She also hates having her collar off for the same reason.

Thankfully she has gotten over all her fears.  She knows we are her forever family.  She cuddles with us, lays by us and greets us at the door.  She protects our house from squirrels, racoons , and the UPS man.  What can I say?  We love this dog!




Woman’s best friend


This is my favorite animal on the planet. My Australian Shepard “BOO.” First, I have to admit I am a cat lady.  Yup, you read that right.  I love cats.  When I was little I used to walk around my family’s farm fields going “Here kitty, kitty, kitty,” hoping some stray would come out from the fields and play with me.  We had a lot of stray cats in our town.  I would befriend as many as I could.

Fast forward to when I had my own child.  He was getting old enough to have his own pet. He wanted a cat.  Believe me, I was thrilled.  We were getting a kitty!  Unfortunately, as we looked at all the cats I started to sneeze.  Then that evening, I had a stuffy nose.  I thought it was just a cold.  So when we went to another shelter the same thing happened.  I decided to go get an allergy test.

I had developed a cat allergy in my old age.  NOOOOOOOOOO!!  Well, I guess we are going to get a dog. I grew up around dogs.  I wasn’t opposed to them.  My husband was thrilled to have a dog.  I was hoping to get a small dog.  Nope, my husband wanted a big dog.  I was opposed.  So we compromised on a medium sized one.


We went to several dog adoption dates. I wanted to adopt an older dog.  My husband said no.  We went back and forth several times.  When we finally decided on one and went to adopt it, the dog was gone.  Already adopted five minutes before we got there.   So we had to look again.

We looked at several dogs.  My son, aged five, was getting tired.  We had been looking for 2 hours.  My husband found one dog, but my son and I did not like it.  It had no interest in us.  So my husband took our son to Toys R Us and I stayed to do a final check.  I asked one of the volunteers if they knew of a good dog.  One that liked kids.  They gave me this dark furry dog.  She was timid, but happy.  She was a brand new rescue.  So I took her for a walk.  I sat down outside the adoption event.  She just laid next to me and let me pet her.

When I spoke she looked at me. Then she rolled over and demanded a tummy rub as only a dog can do.  Soon my son and husband came back.  We took the dog for a short walk, then sat down on a bench.  The dog then jumped up  on the bench between my son and I.  She looked at both of us and nudged us.  My husband was not convinced.  I was steadfast.  This dog wanted to be with us.  My five year old agreed.  This was our new dog.  We completed the adoption and took her home.

She was so nervous and scared.  It turned out she had just been brought up from Kansas a week before.  There she was found on the side of the road, bitten by flies and emaciated. Thankfully, someone stopped to rescue her.  She jumped in the back seat of the rescuer without hesitation.  She was treated and then imported to our state.

Once we got our new family member home she promptly threw up and had diarrhea on our white dining room carpet.  She couldn’t help it, she was so scared.  We understood.  We tried to calm her.  She was terrified of my husband.  So she stuck to me. She followed me everywhere.


She took three days to eat.  She wouldn’t touch the food that the shelter told us she ate.   Day three I finally ran out to the store and got her some wet food.  Finally, she ate.  She was always nervous around my husband.  She would cower when he called her.  We could only imagine what she had been through to make her fear men.  She was also afraid of her leash.  She would cower at the sight of it.  We figured that she might have been beaten by a man with a rope or chain.  It was the only way we could explain her fear.  We will never know.  She also has a fear to this day of a gun cock.  Even when it is a toy gun, she will run and hide.

When we would leave the house, she would fear we would not come back.  We would come home to find stuff moved around the house.  Pillows in all rooms, books you name it. Nothing was destroyed thank goodness!

Eventually, she stopped doing it.  She has calmed down. Now she loves men.  She loves and gets excited when she sees her leash.  She still hates guns, but that’s okay.  She loves the whole family.  She is definitely tied to me. When I’m ill she never leaves my side.  She has an internal alarm clock and sees it as her duty to keep my on time.  Sleep in late?  Not on her watch! If nudging, clawing, and licking the face don’t work.  She will come right up to my ear and bark in it as loud as she can.  Let me tell you, Aussies can bark!


Want to read more about Boo?  See Part 2 tomorrow!

Ten things you forget to clean but should.


  1. Your electric toothbrush.  Take the head off and clean what is underneath.  It’s gross.
  2. Your toothbrush holder.  Run it through the dishwasher! Stat!
  3. The spot on your tap when you lift up the handle.
  4. Your coupons.  How many expired ones do you have?
  5. All your electronic screens. Your kids have sticky fingers.  It fogs up the screens!
  6. Your glove compartment.  How many mechanics receipts are in there?
  7. Your shower caddy!  Soap scum galore!
  8. Pantry for expired food or food that has been open too long.
  9. Garbage disposal.  The grocery store sells cleaning solution or use lemons and ice.
  10. All your door knobs in the house.  Flu season is coming.